The Zucca Story

Zucca is owned and operated by a trio of lifelong friends; Tim Langell, Joe Romano. Having met during their freshman year in a New York high school, they dreamed of owning their own restaurant. Armed with a family friend’s secret recipe, the trio opened Zucca Bar and Pizzeria in 2001 and met with instant success.Zucca Pizza specializes in authentic, home-cooked Italian menu favorites that will keep you coming back until you’ve tried them all. The owners invite you in because…

“New York City is so far away and life is too short to eat bad pizza.”

  • Signature Dish: Staten Island thin-crust pizza
  • Entree Price Ranges: $10 – $16
  • Hours: 11am – 2am | Monday – Saturday
  • 11am – Midnight Sundays
  • Reservations: After 6pm
  • “Best Traditional Pizza in Southeast” at International Pizza Expo!
  • Voted 5th in World!
  • New York style pizza
  • Catering Available

"I love this place. I have been to all the locations one by one. The food is great and my girlfriend loves it! (2 “fer” 1). Of course the pizza is good, but it’s the atmosphere I adore. I usually grab a seat at the bar, order up, and interact with the “ZUCCITES”. I am probably there now, yesterday, or tomorrow. I feel like I am in NEW YORK here… take me home!"